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Our Team


We offer more than 150 years of experience helping individuals, businesses and families

Leo A. Beskar

Business Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Real Estate, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Leo A. Beskar  Biography
Maxfield E. (Max) Neuhaus

Wills, Trusts, Probate, Estate Planning, Elder Law, Business, and Real Estate

Maxfield E. (Max) Neuhaus  Biography
Daniel P. Murray

Personal Injury, Divorce & Family Law, Insurance Disputes, Litigation

Daniel P. Murray  Biography
Kenneth C. Pletcher

Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Divorce & Custody, Litigation, OWI Defense, Personal Injury

Kenneth C. Pletcher  Biography
Rory O’Sullivan

All litigation and lawsuits, Contractual disputes, Insurance disputes, Personal injury cases

Rory O’Sullivan  Biography
Alexis Raihle

Probate, Wills, Estate Planning, Divorce and Custody, Business, Real Estate, Gun Trusts

Alexis Raihle  Biography
Catherine R. Munkittrick (Retired)

Appeals, Employment Law, Government Representation, Land Use Law, Wills and Estate Planning

Catherine R. Munkittrick (Retired)  Biography
Stuart J. Krueger (retired)

Retired attorney and non-attorney mediator

Stuart J. Krueger (retired)  Biography