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Employment Law


The law firm of Rodli, Beskar, Neuhaus, Murry and Pletcher, S.C., is proud to serve local businesses and employers.

RBNMP is an active member of the River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Attorney Neuhaus currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Pierce County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors.

We are here to help you in the following areas:

  • Employee handbook drafting, interpretation and enforcement
  • Non-compete agreement drafting, interpreting and enforcement
  • Confidentiality agreement drafting, interpreting and enforcement
  • Corporate policy drafting, interpretation and enforcement
  • Employment contract drafting, interpretation and enforcement
  • Separation agreement drafting, interpretation and enforcement
Employee Handbook

By drafting an employee handbook, it can outline the policies and procedures of your employees, as well as answer general questions about responsibilities. Our firm can also assist in interpreting the handbook’s rules and regulations and thus help enforce them more effectively.

Non-Compete Agreement

Non-compete agreements is an agreement between two parties wherein one party agrees not to seek employment from a competitor and/or share occupation information with competitors that would cause damage to said party, most often an employer. With our vast experiences, we are able to draft, interpret, and enforce your rights and your company’s rights to honor the non-compete agreement set in place.

Confidentiality Agreement

Whether concerning past or present employees, confidentiality agreements keep sensitive information as secrets with the promise of not disclosing the information to other parties without proper authorization. Our firm can draft these agreements, as well as interpret and enforce their documentation in full.

Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy is common within companies, as it defines and restricts a company’s plans, actions, and decisions dedicated to obtaining the company’s objectives. We can draft corporate policies that create a document outline the automated responses with known situations, as well as interpreting and drafting policies.

Employment Contract

Employment contracts are agreements between two parties– the employer and the employee– of the responsibilities and job duties upon hiring. If there are any reservations about an employment contract, our firm can help draft, interpret, and enforce employment contracts based on your concerns.

Separation Agreement

Often the pre-factor in a divorce, separation agreements are drafted with the intent of dividing property, establishing rights, and settling alimony and custody issues with married couples. These issues can often become sensitive and stressful; our firm can alleviate that stress by helping you draft, interpret, and enforce your separation agreement rights.

This information is intended to be viewed as general information. Your individual situation or needs require consultation with the advice of an attorney. We are here to help you today.

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