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Lawsuits and Litigation


Our experienced litigators are committed to providing aggressive and thorough legal representation in the following areas:

Personal Injury Litigation

Our firm represents cases involving of all of these claims, resulting in client compensation for their losses of medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Bankruptcy Litigation

If you are a debtor who needs protection or you are a creditor who needs court intervention to protect your rights, our firm is here to provide thorough and aggressive representation in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

Foreclosure Litigation

With our firm’s vast experiences, we can provide representation whether you are a homeowner who has been sued by a bank or are a financial institution that needs to file for foreclosure.

Collections Litigation

If a person or business owes you money, our firm provides thorough and aggressive representation to collect what is owed to you, while providing guidance regarding the appropriate collections lawsuit to file for, how to obtain a judgment against a debtor, and how to collect on a judgment.

Divorce and Custody Litigation

Our firm provides aggressive divorce and custody representation tailored to your specific circumstances and needs, along with confidential advice or representation that is sensitive to your particular situation.

Criminal Litigation

If you have been charged with a crime, our firm is here to protect your constitutional rights. Our firm has the court and jury trial experience you deserve when your freedom and rights are being threatened.

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Our firm understands how serious litigation affecting real estate interests can become; you can trust our firm to provide thorough, complete, and accurate legal advice and representation in any type of real estate litigation.

Business Litigation

If you are involved in any kind of business related litigation, our firm has the background and experience to provide aggressive representation to either plaintiffs or defendants involved in a business related lawsuit.

Probate and Estate Litigation

If you or your family needs sensitive and confidential advice or representation regarding a probate or family estate lawsuit, we can offer you appropriate solutions to your particular needs.

Small Claims Litigation

Our firm understands that the principal of a case often exceeds the dollar value.  In Wisconsin, any claims under five-thousand dollars are handled in Small Claims Court, which our firm has the background and experience to provide aggressive and thorough representation within.


You have the right to appeal a decision to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals if you are unhappy with a judge or jury verdict.  Our firm has handled appeals cases for over twenty years, fighting for clients’ rights up to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.  If you are interested in appealing a lower court decision, our firm will provide thorough, complete, and accurate advice and council in all stages of your appeal.
This information is intended to be viewed as general information. Your individual situation or needs require consultation with the advice of an attorney. We are here to help you today.

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